Accreditation Procedure

Organisations wishing to apply for accreditation will need to prepare a range of documents and follow the procedure below. Application times can vary depening on the specific course/materials submitted.

Step 1: Initial application

Organisations will need to first contact us through the form here to show their interest for accreditation:

Please email a cover letter no more than 1,000 words in lenght detailing the following:

  • An introduction of your organisation and your focus
  • An overview of your organisational structure including details of your registrations and where you’re registered.
  • A brief history of your organisation to date.
  • A list of any organisational memberships or accreditations that you currently hold.
  • A summary of the current teaching qualification course, education curriculum, or teaching resource that wish to gain accreditation for.

This initial application will be reviewed and you will be contacted within a week with feedback or any follow-up questions.

Step 2: Document submission

Applications which pass the initial review will be sent a list of documents to prepare. These will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Proof of business registration(s)
  • Proof of tax payments in your respective regions
  • Education qualifications and proof of experience from those involved with course/curriculum development and assessments.
  • A cover letter from each person involved directly in marking assessments (for training course qualifications)
  • A sample of the materials to be submitted for accreditation (details will be provided depending on the feedback from the first step).

Step 3: Full review

At this step, a full and thorough review will be conducted, covering all of the materials in the course/curriculum/resource being assessed.

After this step, a report will be produced to show any neccessary changes or recommendations. Pending the application of these changes, a final review will be conducted, and for successful applications, a certificate of accreditation will be issued.