Accreditation fees

Accreditation costs vary depending on the course or material submitted.

Distance learning courses

For courses which should take less than 200 hours to complete during a distance learning environment, including assignments and self-study, the fees are:

  • Initial accreditation for a distance learning course: £1,250.
  • Yearly renewal fees: £850.

Educational resources/materials

For education resources and materials, a one-time fee will cover the initial organisation review, and then a per-piece fee will be charged for each resource.

  • Initial one-time fee: £850
  • For individual lesson plans: £20 per plan.
  • For educational books: £15 per page.

These fees can vary depending on the amount of the materials being reviewed and their format. For resources containing more than 20 lesson plans, or educational books consisting of more than 100 pages, additional discounted rates may be possible.